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It always starts with a question. The question is, How far would you go? How far would you go to take revenge? How far would you go to prove yourself? How far would you go to break the limits? How far would you go to bring "Justice"???

The story that has been told to him is simple, Roman is a young peasant who has his own questions to answer, Join him as he goes on a mysterious journey. He's been chosen by Myra (The angel of war) to search all over the world to find five famous heroes and stop a big army of black butterflies that is attacking the Earth for no good reason...But...What's the whole point of this?! Black butterflies destroying the world? That's absolutely absurd...Unless it's all planned by someone to make a big show. Someone who would go THIS far to bring her own "Justice"...She's screaming, Are you listening carefully enough?!


Kind of a fangame, Including 10 characters from 5 RPGs. Note that the game also has its own characters and story

3 endings

20 side quests

A huge world, Including 8 islands

Animated side view battle system

Switch between party members during the battle!

40 hours of gameplay


The following companies own the copyright for character creation:

Aldorlea Games:

Marine, Bokden, Benoit & Lord Dragon from Millennium series

Amaranth Games:

Rhen, Dameon & Pirate John from Aveyond 1

Mel, Te'ijal & Stella from Aveyond 3

Dancing Dragon Games:

Carrion, Teresa, Maric and Ruby from 7 Deadly Sins 2

Claret & Sullivan from Skyborn

The complete list of credits is available in game


Note: This game is still in beta stage so it's buggy. I'm waiting for you guys to report bugs to me. If anyone is willing to be a beta tester, Just PM me. The credit will be given.

ATTENTION! I developed this game to gain experience, So please don't expect it to be a great game. I'm still learning, So any feedback is really appreciated. And as you know, English is not my first language so the game is probably hard to understand at some points. Thank you for your patience!


Black Butterflies.exe 377 MB
Completed Walkthrough


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Hi everyone! I just want to let you know that I'll be so glad to read your reviews and suggestions if you have finished the game! I appreciate your support in advance.